A short P.S.A. from your friendly neighborhood journalist…
Your local news outlets are where it’s at right now.
After years of media bashing and poisoning the well of journalism by a portion of the citizenry, this crisis is showing the real value of clear information and hard truths, and the worth of local journalism and journalism in general.
The #COVID19 #coronavirus story is an imminently LOCAL story.
Support your local newspapers, sign up for newsletters, and subscribe. They (we) are out there working on your behalf to keep you informed…and safe. We are very aware of the appetite for this information during this stressful time and we are striving to do our part to get it to you.
We are working to get this information out there, but we are also talking to lots and lots of people to bring it to you and trying to stay safe as well.
We are covering how all of these shutdowns are impacting the local economy, people’s mindsets, how are people coping during these times, what are the contingency plans, when will things start up again, and every other angle of this mushrooming story.
The seemingly unending attacks on the press, coupled with the misinformation and disinformation out there, has created the perfect storm, sabotaging and undermining the credibility of those of us attempting to do our work on your behalf. Relying on reputable media has never been more critical and there has never been a better time to support your local journalists than right now.