Since the onset of the documented exponential spread of COVID-19 coronavirus here in the United States, the calls reporting domestic violence and child abuse have gone up across the country. Even though there is social distancing, don’t be afraid to step up and be a voice. We may be separate, but we do not have to be alone.

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Your local news outlets are where it’s at right now.
After years of media bashing and poisoning the well of journalism by a portion of the citizenry, this crisis is showing the real value of clear information and hard truths, and the worth of local journalism and journalism in general.

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Life as we knew it has changed.

States of emergency and now a national emergency have been declared in the United States of America due to the ongoing pandemic outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus and Americans are feeling increasingly helpless, overwhelmed, anxious, and frustrated.

Here are some things you can do to help your family, friends, and community during this time of crisis.

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COVID-19 PANDEMIC and U.S.: Advice and Action Steps to prepare yourself and your family

COVID-19 is real, it’s here, and you can navigate this crisis. The coronavirus is a serious threat that could be very disruptive to our society, especially the global supply chains and economy and our place in it, but the virus itself appears to be something we can survive if we take the appropriate preventive measures. I’ve been answering individual questions about this outbreak for a while, but at this point I think it would just be easier to drop all my thoughts in one place. So like my good friend, author, and fellow pandemic hawk Steven Konkoly laid out with his COVID-19 Primer, here is my take on the way forward regarding the coronavirus.

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Emergency Communication Options for SHTF Preparedness

When the SHTF you’ll have to rely on something old school to keep you safe and sound, something that isn’t reliant upon modern telecommunication networks- that something is radio waves.

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Prepper Chicks After Dark with host Annie Berdel interview

I sat in with Annie Berdel of Author Annie Berdel and Prepper Chicks fame for a conversation on why preparedness is a good idea, the three Es, peak oil, and everything else practical in preparedness.

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The Civil Defense Book: Emergency Preparedness for a Rural or Suburban Community

Prepping for a Suburban or Rural Community’s Michael Mabee has experience as an urban EMT and paramedic, a suburban police officer and with the federal government. Michael served in two wartime deployments to Iraq and two humanitarian missions to Guatemala with the United States Army.

I’m thrilled to announce that Michael will be joining me this month on Practical Prepping. Period. to discuss his fantastic book, The Civil Defense Book, Emergency Preparedness for a Rural or Suburban Community.

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FEMA PrepTalks: Youth – The Key to Building a Culture of Preparedness

Children are great mobilizers, actors, and connectors within their communities for building a culture of preparedness. “Kids love to learn; they love to share what they learned,” Sarah Thompson says. “That means they can be really good at bringing home preparedness messages.” Thompson uses her experience and sociological data to show how emergency managers can use the natural curiosity of children to build preparedness in their communities.

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