About Me

who am i?


Randall S. Powers graduated from the Grady College of Journalism and the University of Georgia, building a career in journalism spanning twenty years across all forms of media, including radio, print, digital and television.  Since 1998, Randall has worked with an international broadcast media outlet with credits as a producer, lead trainer, media coordinator, editor, and has been a contributor on three projects that were awarded the prestigious Peabody Award.

Using the skills gained during his career as a journalist, Randall widened his focus to include disaster preparedness becoming an entrepreneur as the founder and Chief Managing Partner of Practical Tactical, a personal preparedness consulting firm. From this new platform, Randall works as a personal preparedness consultant, public speaker and author.

In 2014, Randall co-authored Practical Prepping Period: No Apocalypse Required with Steven Konkoly, and published the Practical Tactical Quick Start Guide as a personal preparedness resource and reference manual designed to help those new to “prepping” develop a well rounded and complete disaster plan without becoming overwhelmed by the process.

In 2019, after taking time off from writing to focus on starting a family, Randall published a short story-novella titled BANG. Randall is currently working on his first full length novel.

Originally from Toccoa, Georgia, Randall lives with his family somewhere in the universe between Athens and Atlanta. 

Contact Randall directly by email at randallspowers@gmail.com or through his website at www.RandallSPowers.com.