If you’re reading this, you’re probably aware that there is a key date coming up later this month…December 21, 2012. Depending on who you talk to, this date represents everything from a rare and magnificent galactic alignment of heavenly bodies, to a great awakening of consciousness, even the apocalyptic end of the world. All tied to an ancient Mayan prophecy in one way or another. Others just know it as Friday.

Regardless of what you think about the date, the fact that it is so specific got me to thinking about disaster on a timeline, whether or not that would impact me as someone that already practices a life of preparedness and if it did, how would I act or prepare differently.

For me, I don’t believe it would make that much difference. We adopted a preparedness lifestyle years ago and do our best to improve our level of readiness every day. Suddenly finding out that there was a zombie alien landing scheduled for 3:45 pm next Thursday wouldn’t change anything for us. It would however, trigger a vigorous assessment of our current plans as we processed the new information. From there, we would adapt accordingly and do the best we could as we moved forward.



But, that’s us. We’re already working towards a level of preparedness that we have determined is appropriate for our family and our situation. What about you? What are you preparing for? On the other hand, what if you’re not already well on your way to being ready for zombie aliens, or any other life altering event for that matter? What if you’ve done virtually nothing to be ready to deal with an emergency situation, whether it’s on a global, national, regional or local scale? What if you haven’t taken the steps necessary to insulate yourself against even an unexpected upheaval in your personal life like a serious injury to you or a family member or the loss of a job? What if you knew ahead of time that this tumult was coming? Would that knowledge motivate you to change your behavior? Of course it would. The question is, why not save yourself some stress and headache and go ahead and take some basic steps to mitigate the impacts of any emergency that may come to you down the road?

Really, what difference does it make if you know when the “big bad” is going to show up? If you would fight the crowds to get the supplies you and your family would need in the chaos of the moment that will surely accompany any such event, why not prepare now to remove yourself from the panic equation later? By getting your ducks in a row today, you will be free to assess the situation, then adapt and implement your plans that were made without the proverbial gun to your head with a clear purpose in the moment and greatly increase your ability to make it through to the other side of any future emergency event.

This also brings up the issue of event specific preparedness. Do you feel you need a target event to motivate you to get prepared? I can understand this way of thinking, to a point. Who hasn’t watched a zombie or natural disaster movie and wondered to themselves, “What if that was me?” or “What would I do in that situation?” A good movie or a well written book or even an interesting blog post (wink) can easily serve as the spark that gets you started on your journey to preparedness and I’m all for it. Hey, whatever it takes to get you on the road to ready. But does that mean that you should limit your preparedness to focus on a singular event? I wouldn’t recommend it. From our point of view, the bottom line goal is to strive to live a prepared lifestyle. This is what we’re comfortable with and it works for our family. The bright side to this approach is that if you’re doing it right, you’ll be more ready for anything that comes your way and you will have achieved that new lot in life without turning your world upside down in the process. By simply accounting for each of the basic tenets of preparedness…shelter, water, food, fire, communications/defense and psychological readiness…in you every day life with an eye towards setting yourself up to maintain these in the future, we believe you will be ready to deal with and overcome whatever may come your way, including zombie aliens.

So, why not get started today? We love zombies! We love aliens. Shoot, we dig the Mayans, too. Whatever feeds your fire and motivates you to get prepared, we’re all for it. Just get started. You’ll be well on your way to ready before you know it and I’m betting you’ll be surprised at how satisfying your journey will be along the way.

We would love to know what motivates you to get prepared, or hear stories of successes or failures you have experienced on your road to ready. Share with us by leaving a comment below or reach out to us on twitter @PracTac4U. We are growing and learning in our preparedness every day and we can’t wait to hear from you. Take care out there.


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