We’ve had the pleasure of working with some fantastic clients, each realizing that there is nothing more important than making sure they are prepared to take care of themselves and their families…whatever may come. They’ve “been there and done that” the Practical Tactical way, so why not check out what they’re saying about us:

From LB….

The one thing I had a lot of questions about was firearms – as I had NO experience with them.  My husband and I enjoy watching westerns/action movies and have had a growing curiosity about them.  After some news stories involving firearms, I felt like I was at a disadvantage not knowing much about handling a gun, let alone firing one. Randy was very informative in this area – and this led to going to a gun range with both Randy & his wife Alice. They were a dynamic duo (very calm, patient and knowledgeable)!   I did NOT feel pressured to participate, nor afraid of not knowing what to do.  It’s scary to try a new thing but having people I trusted made the process a whole lot easier to take in.  I don’t think I could have taken this step without their help.  I look forward to going to the range and putting the training into practice more often.

Prepping seems a lot less scarier now that I have seen what Randy & Alice have been working on themselves.  I don’t think I would have ever thought about these things until it was too late, if it hadn’t been brought to my attention earlier.  In the news we hear all kinds of scary stuff going on, but with the bits and pieces of knowledge I get from Randy, I feel like I have a chance at trying to do something about my situation instead of just giving up.  I’m curious to see what they’ll do next!!

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